Sunday, April 10, 2016

Maxillary Sinus Lift Workshop

Over the weekend, the periodontal and implant orgs put on an implant workshop where we learned how to do sinus lifts on goat heads.

You may be asking, what is a sinus lift? Well in order to place implants, there needs to be a certain depth of alveolar bone available for the implant to have stability within the jaw bones. The only issue for implant placement in the maxilla (upper jaw) is that there are sinuses, or air-filled spaces, that comprise your midface, and if the floor of the maxillary sinus is too low, then an implant may not have the sufficient height of bone necessary to be placed. So in these instances, a maxillary sinus lift literally goes and lifts the floor of the sinus, and replaces that negative space with bone graft so you can come back and place an implant.

Pretty cool stuff :) It's always nice to take something that you've learned about in class and physically do it. Though random sidenote, an interesting quality you learn to develop as a dental student is to take something that is pure theory/fact in your mind, and learn to execute it with baseline proficiency the first time.. since your test subjects are always people, you don't really have any other choice. It's a strange kind of situation - I mean, we all practiced our first injections on our classmates, learned how to administer nitrous on each other, had to drill on a real tooth for the first time on a live human.. etc.

Fortunately, I think we put enough pressure on ourselves to simply not mess up (too badly), and kind of level up through the years in terms of the ability to bridge that knowledge-to-practice gap a little more seamlessly. Plus, as a student, there's always faculty or someone around to bail you out in case anything does go wrong.. Though I guess this doesn't exist once you start taking CE courses, etc and are responsible for yourself in the "real world".

Speaking of the real world, that's right around the corner for me. I wonder what it will be like..


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