Monday, April 25, 2016

Dentatonix = dentistry + lots of music love :)

When I think back on hobbies that randomly changed my life, two come to mind..

1) high school yearbook
2) acapella

And now when I think about it, I've actually been doing choir/acapella for a longg time now. I started out singing in choir in high school as a freshman, and joined the women's acapella group in my junior year. When I got to Berkeley, one of the major reasons I actually went to Berkeley was that the Golden Overtones, the only women's acapella group, was so so cool. I just wanted to be a tone :) And when I got there, I spent one year living that life, and eventually switched to a co-ed group with a (fortunately for my pre-dent life) decreased time commitment.

So that comes out to... lets see.. add the 2.. carry the 1.. TEN YEARS OF ACAPELLA!!

That is almost half of my life. It's weird, because now, acapella and singing have just become integral parts of my life. Most recently, I decided not to do an event because there's just not enough time to balance everything else that needs to happen in the next couple of months..

But here's a little musical trip down memory lane :)

D1, 2014 - The year Dentatonix was born! ASB Variety Show - One Republic Medley

D2, 2015 - The year we performed at the school's 50th Anniversary Gala, and added "Somebody to Love" to our set

Same set with "Somebody to Love", just a little more comfortable in our scrubs :)

Yup, I'm a huge acapella dork and it's been a lot of fun.. :)


  1. It's awesome to see dental students getting out there and doing something else besides obsessing over teeth! Glad to see you managed to have fun during the training. (I know it is a hard slog congrats on mostly being done!)