Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Lab Olympics, Ortho, and a Bumble Bee Lunch Bag

What do those three have in common?

Absolutely nothing - but here's a quick update on D2 Spring quarter living.
First of all, it's great. There's so much more time than we've ever had before; I can sleep my 6-8 hours a day, go to the gym, meal prep, and do fun things like other normal human beings.

Today marks exactly 1 year since our school's last "Lab Olympics" - where you and your classmates compete against other classes in different categories, like the off-hand Class I, the 5 minute PFM crown, wax sculpture-making, and the 10 minute MOD relay! Last year, my team won first place in the MOD inlay category, and this year, one of our instructors was blindly judging typodonts and called ours a "hackjob".. but who cares because we got 2nd place anyway! Haha :) So here's a little trip down memory lane..
Check out Alan's 1st place work for the off-hand Class I on #19!! 
Practicing drilling left-handed...

Also, this year we have our first Ortho Techniques lab course, where we learn the basics of orthodontic treatment! Here's a project we did most recently. We set our typodont teeth in pink denture wax, had our instructors move the teeth around, and then used NiTi and stainless steel wires to level & align/finish the teeth into the correct place. Mine didn't work out so great because the brackets kept popping off (we used super glue instead of actual bond + cement), but here's what it looks like in case you're curious!

And last but not least, here's a picture of one of my favorite third years :) She's tiny and adorable and she always brightens my day :) :)


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  7. Ortho lab looks like so much fun!!
    That Bee Backpack is too cute!! :)