Saturday, August 30, 2014

Indirect Summer Final: #30 FGC on the rod

If you're curious what it feels like to take a lab practical in dental school, just think about Food Network shows like Chopped or MasterChef. Each home cook comes in, "completely prepared", with a signature dish that they've done hundreds of times. Once that clock starts ticking though, everything changes. Little things that they had never messed up before begin to painfully whittle away their chances of winning - batter that randomly won't rise, ingredients that won't come together, or aspects that are forgotten entirely. These mistakes pile up, knocking the competitor's confidence with each blow. And when the competitors' time is up, each looks down at their plates, with an array of responses from "shit, what is this mess I've made", "merrr...." or a smile that says "NAILED IT."

Monday, August 25, 2014

One final down, three to go!

I was studying in Starbucks the other day, when I noticed this sign had gone up..

I got so excited even though I don't drink pumpkin spice lattes.. haha.. why?? Because it means fall is coming!! I mean, don't get me wrong - the sunshine is nice and all.. but that LA heat.. I guess I'm just not built for warmer weather :p I miss those days back in Berkeley when the air's brisk, and you always need a jacket. I just don't like sweating unless it's because I'm at the gym -__- and I swear, our blue, non-stretch scrubs that show every drip of sweat really don't help. 

I'm also pretty nervous because that means fall quarter is coming.. but.. excited to see new faces in the incoming D1 class! 

Monday, August 18, 2014

If you've ever wondered how dentists learn to give shots..

Well, you learn on each other.

I've heard horror stories of hematomas, injecting into your classmate's nerve, etc etc.

So this should definitely be interesting. Apparently, we start injecting on our classmates the day we get back from summer break! Isn't that fun....

Oh but first, we learn on this plum.
So it goes step 1, plum.
Step 2, human.

Lol just kidding, I'm sure there are more steps in between 1 and 2. I mean, I really hope so..

Thursday, August 14, 2014


"You are unlimited." - the tag on my tea
Shoutout to my spicy morning tea for helping me start the day off right.  

Monday, August 11, 2014

Not Exactly Easy, Breezy.

Summer quarters at UCLA are supposed to be a breeze, and now that we're almost done with the quarter, I wouldn't say that I quite agree with that statement.

We still have class from 10AM - 5PM on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, but with a later start on Thursdays at 11AM - 5PM, and then our Fridays end early, and run from 8AM - noon.  One of the nice things about our late starts is that since I'm a morning person, I can be productive and do all of the things - like gym, study, write up my notes from previous classes, and even throw in a leisurely breakfast.

The problem is, this quarter is basically the prep quarter for all the insanity that's supposed to come in D2. I mean, we're "technically D2's", but everyone says that you really don't feel that way until the incoming D1's finally get here - because for the time being, my class is still the bottom of the totem pole. Tangent - I have to say though, I'm super excited to see some fresh faces, and to see some friends that are in the incoming class :) But back to this whole thing about D2 being super hard, it's supposed to be very academically challenging (oral pathology, anyone?), and you have crazy amounts of lab work to finish (dentures for days.) On top of all that, elections for a bunch of leadership positions happen in the summer, so all the prep work for the year happens now.

So yes, summer quarter is difficult because we suddenly have 3 lab classes (well, I guess only 2 because it's really only Direct and Indirect restoration), but we also have Perio labs now, where we learn how to use the instruments that hygienists use - like scalers, the explorer, and the perio probe. I haven't uploaded any of my pictures from projects, so here are some from this quarter:

Here are the same projects from the occlusal.