Friday, September 27, 2013

Which Loupes Do I Buy?!

As students, we're required to purchase loupes - which are about a $1200-$2000 investment.

Loupes are those glasses-things that dentists wear with little magnification guys at the end of their lenses. They have different degrees of magnification, between something like 2.0x-4.0x, and even higher. They help you see your work much more clearly, and aid tremendously with ergonomics.

We just got out of a loupes presentation where Surgitel, Designs For Vision, Orascoptic, and Q-Optics came to speak about their particular brands of loupes. I feel like there are so many options, but here are the selection criteria that we've been told to consider:

Loupes Selection Criteria
working distance
frame size, shape, comfort, fit
magnification : 2x, 2.5x, 3.0x, 3.5x (nubes should start with 2.5x)
field of view
clarity of image
depth of field
adjustable or custom interpupillary distance
adjustable or custom declination angle
flip up or through the lens
ability to disinfect/clean
guard from aerosol
system expandability
customer service
...but ARE THEY CUTE? (<-- make or break)

Here I am, trying to pretend that it doesn't matter how cute my loupes are, when clearly.. it does. 

I'm kiddinnggg! Dentistry isn't a fashion show. Plus, I've accepted the fact that they're a little strange/bulky, and make me look like I am going to go cross-country skiing in the dark. And hey! They sure are comfy. No one's going to be asking for my number when I'm wearing a mask and stuff anyway so... yeah. lol. I'm thinking of going with the Surgitel Oakley Radar with micro lenses (or whatever they call it for people with petite faces) and 3.5x magnification. I've heard from older dental folks that people start with 2.5x and then quickly decide they want the next level up. I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. This is a good list to go off of. I personally ended up going with the flip-up version so that I could choose to use magnification or not without having to change glasses. I also thought the $1200-2000 price tag was way to much for a first time purchase of loupes. There are a lot of brands to choose from but I ended up going with They are lightweight, comfortable, and have a lifetime warranty.

  2. Hi you mention some of the 4 largest loupes brands in this blog, these are brands I have looked at too and they are good just expensive!. I think your Loupes selection criteria is spot on however one key term you miss is weight. The whole point of loupes is that you want to be reducing the stress on your head, neck, shoulders and back - wearing loupes to create an ergonomic position does this but also the weight you are carrying puts pressure on these points which your main aim is to reduce. Thats why I suggest Through - the - Lens Loupes as they are lighter and custom built for your face rather than the more heavy and bulky Flip Up ( used primarily in the early 2000s). A great Light weight pair of TTL Loupes I recommend is the Rodeo by LA Lens it starts from only $695.00 for a 2.5x and it is what I use and it ticks all your boxes!

  3. Hey, I think you're also a student. I Love my profession too much. Recently I am working on You said well that Dentistry isn't a fashion show where people come and quit the profession easily. Dentistry is a profession where people have to concentrate on their procedures with the help of variety of tools and magnification loupes are one of them.